• Weight In Excess of 25 Pounds: For the safety of our team members, we have a firm limit on the items they are allowed to lift or move. Team members are used to moving small items like chairs, and lightweight, easily movable furniture in order to clean under it. If you have furniture and appliances in excess of 25 pounds, feel free to move it and our team will be happy to clean under and around its normal location at your request.
  • Heights Greater Than A Stepstool: The safety or our team is important so we prohibit them from standing on anything higher than a two-foot stepstool or stepladder. We come prepared with cleaning tools that reach and extend to ensure we can clean the highest cobwebs (with the exception of vaulted ceilings) and even the hardest to reach corners and crevices.
  • Excessive Clutter: Our team will navigate around excessively cluttered areas of your home as much as possible. The tops of cabinets, underneath beds, and under sink areas typically used to store items you don’t use on a daily basis will be treated and cleaned in the same fashion – as thoroughly as possible without needlessly disturbing your items. Your cleaning service is always customizable, so if you want a more thorough cleaning in these areas, just let the in-office team members know and we’ll happily accommodate you.
  • Weighty Hanging Objects: Large, heavy artwork, heavy wall-mounted mirrors, or heavy statues and sculptures are some examples of weighty, hanging objects. Our team members cannot be responsible for cleaning these items due to the higher than usual risk of breakage, and the risk o serious injury to our team member. Of course, we will lightly and carefully dust artwork and heavy objects as we will every other area of your home.
  • Fine Artwork and Décor: We take the utmost pride in caring for your home and the items in it. You valuable statuary, artwork, décor pieces, and paintings and any other irreplaceable items in your home will not be disturbed by our staff unless you clearly indicate in writing that you prefer to have these items cleaned and/or dusted.
  • Pet Accidents and Bodily Fluids: Even the most well-behaved pet can have an accident from time to time. Unfortunately, our team members cannot be responsible for cleaning the following: pet accidents, litter boxes, bird droppings, human or animal blood, human or pet fecal matter, human or pet urine, or overflowing commodes. Cleaning these items requires special BBP certification our company does not hold at this time.
  • Hand Scrubbed Floors: Our team members will hand scrub your floors when specifically requested to do so. Call the in-office staff to request this customized service at least one day prior to your scheduled appointment. Our customers love to see their floors gleaming once they’ve had this special service.
  • Mold and Mildew: It’s not uncommon to find mold in some homes. However, when mold and mildew grow out of control and turn orange, pink, green, or black, our staff is expressly prohibited from attempting to clean it. These types of mold in large concentrations pose a health risk when inhaled. Our team is not trained in mold and mildew abatement and cannot work in rooms heavily affected by mold or mildew.
  • Bug and Insect Infestations: If your home has been recently fumigated, our team cannot clean it for a specified period of time. Please check with our in-office staff for specific times and instructions. For their safety, we request that fumigations, exterminations, and post extermination clean-ups are thoroughly complete before scheduling a cleaning.
  • Fireplaces: We love fireplaces, too, but their soot and ash have the potential to damage some of our vacuuming equipment. We’ll be happy to manually sweep up soot and ash if you provide a broom and dustpan in plain sight of our team members. Just tell the in-office staff to note it in your request.
  • Chandeliers: Chandeliers are the perfect highlight to many rooms, and while we love their beauty, the require special tools and specialized training to get the thorough cleaning they deserve. To eliminate the potential of breaking your prized chandelier, we can recommend a great company in Tulsa that would be happy to perform that service for you.
  • Lock outs: We value our team members and their time. If they should arrive at your home to find it inaccessible, you’ll be charged half of your regular cleaning fee so we can fairly compensate our cleaners for their time and travel expenses. The same fee will apply if they are asked to leave without cleaning your home or if access is denied for any reason. You can avoid this fee, by providing us with a key or key code that allows us to enter your home and provide service.
  • Payments: Payment is due in full at the time of your cleaning. A credit or debit card number must remain on file with Impeccable Maids for regularly reoccurring cleaning services. We keep your information secure and only use it only to clear any balance you may have due along with any associated fees. We make payment easy for you by also accepting cash, checks, or PayPal payments. You can make payment arrangements or leave cash or check payments in plain sight on your kitchen counter in an envelope marked Impeccable Maids. All returned checks will incur a $30 nonrefundable service charge.

We treasure your possessions, but cannot be held responsible for items that have not been properly protected or items that were damaged prior to our cleaner’s arrival. Please secure costly or unique items to safeguard their welfare and security.

We put our team members through a rigorous training and place a high value on their satisfaction, productivity, and performance. We know they’re the best-of-the-best, but we do not want clients or potential clients to solicit their services outside the scope of our company. We include a clause to this effect in our contract and request that you respectfully honor that clause.

All cancellations must be called in to our office two business days prior to your appointment, before noon, or you will be charged a $45 fee. You can avoid this charge of 50% of the cleaning fee by calling our office as soon as possible when you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Additionally, this fee must be paid prior to scheduling any future appointments. While we appreciate the courtesy of informing the cleaner, it is mandatory that you inform the in-office staff during regular business hours in order to avoid this fee.